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Career Star Group launches a new global outplacement platform, Latitude

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  • 30 June 2021

Career Star Group launches a new global outplacement platform, Latitude, to kick-start job progression in a post-pandemic world

Career Star Group today launched an intuitive career transition platform, Latitude. Latitude, available in more than 10 languages, in over 100 countries, brings individuals transitioning from their current organisation an easy-to-use individual-led platform incorporating numerous features to empower them in their next career move.

Undoubtedly, there will be numerous changes to staffing requirements in many organisations in the post-pandemic world – but the launch today of an exciting new technology innovation could offer support to the multiple employees who will face redundancy.

As the world slowly emerges out of lockdown, the employment market is expected to open up immense new opportunities and for anyone whose aspirations know no boundaries – geographical or otherwise – the new platform, Latitude, introduced by Career Star Group (CSG) for countries throughout the globe, offers a unique feature with on-demand coaching built into it so that individuals can develop their careers anywhere, at any time convenient to them.

The outplacement platform, which links to a multitude of job opportunities, provides support for those facing redundancy, enabling highly skilled outplacement providers to offer assistance at times of heightened stress such as organisational change forcing redundancies.

Today, CSG ( is , a global organisation of world leading career transition and outplacement providers delivering bespoke programmes in 102 countries – having experienced massive growth since being founded in 2012.

Cetti Galante, chair of the Career Star Group board, said: “Latitude will open up millions of career advancement opportunities for anyone wishing to discover what their next step could be – and with individuals finding their next career move twice as fast through coaching-first outplacement and career mobility solutions, it will no doubt become an invaluable resource.

“Essentially, however, it will be also be a ‘quality gateway’ to developing careers and skills and an essential support arm for anyone needing additional career development resources.”

She added: “It combines ‘best-in-class’ local support with an award-winning virtual platform that is a single-entry point for everything employees need to discover their strengths and ambitions, to search for their ideal job, and pinpoints outplacement support, which can offer practical career advice and support when leaving an organisation in order to make a successful next career move.”

Employees are able to complete a comprehensive career assessment to understand their goals, preferences and opportunity areas. Latitude is user-led, intuitive and easily adaptable to the needs of the individual, enabling them to build a plan unique to themselves.

She added: “As an outplacement partner to many global organisations, we are continually investing in new technology that benefits employees exiting organisations in the ever-changing global workforce.”

The leading-edge Latitude platform, with its unique on-demand coaching features, sets it apart from the competition and offers a distinct advantage to those who use it.

For further details on Latitude and the benefits of utilising CSG, please go to

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