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What is virtual outplacement and what are the benefits?

  • Blog
  • 5 July 2021

With redundancies on the rise, we frequently get asked what virtual outplacement is and how can HR directors use it?
What is virtual outplacement? The short answer is outplacement conducted virtually rather than in a physical location. Virtual outplacement will help a redundant employee with career transition and support with a new job search.

What are the benefits of virtual outplacement?
As virtual outplacement can be done over the telephone and/or though video calling, employees may feel more inclined to take up an offer of support because they don’t have to return to a former workplace.

It can also eliminate timely and expensive journeys which would be a welcome benefit when facing the loss of income and uncertainty.

Employees will receive much more tailored advice rather than ‘one size fits all’ guidance.

For companies, virtual outplacement is a cost-effective way of ensuring a positive outcome by helping employees get back on track after their redundancy.

After receiving virtual outplacement, members of staff generally feel more positive towards their previous employer, which can help in maintaining the brand reputation of the company.

There are many options when it comes to outplacement. A virtual programme may be suitable for some, but not for all. For example, some organisations may opt for a blended approach with some virtual and some face-to-face services. Career Star Group provide a range of different possibilities to best suit your employees and goals.

If you are interested in virtual outplacement – get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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