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What is a Talent Mobility Programme? How can it Benefit your Organisation?

  • Blog
  • 1 September 2021

A talent mobility programme enables employees to move between different positions within the organisation, encouraging continuous development and growth during their career.

What are the benefits of having a talent mobility programme in place?

If your organisation is pro-active and progressive, you will see the benefit of having a talent mobility programme in place. It offers employees a long-term career with the exciting prospect of moving within your organisation, by learning new skills and developing existing skills. Existing employees will have more knowledge of the company and how it operates, and it saves on the lengthy and expensive recruitment of new talent.

Employers struggle to offer employees lifetime roles, which used to be the norm. Many employees now bounce from organisation to organisation picking up new skills along the way. However, if employers can offer the same agile and adaptive environment within their organisation, they can retain talent and create a responsive workforce fit for the future needs of the business.

At Career Star Group, we often get asked about talent mobility, and are happy to help with any of your questions:

How do we successfully implement a talent mobility programme?
Implementing a talent mobility programme is something that will need to be adapted company-wide – from the board to junior management to the rest of the workforce. Everyone will play pivotal part in the programme.  Management will need to encourage and empower their team to continuously develop and look out for their next role. Discussing opportunities and encouraging colleagues to explore different opportunities within the organisation will create a company culture that is eager to learn and commit for a long period of time.

Should talent mobility programmes be open to all?
The short answer is yes! It encourages everyone to continuously learn and develop. It may actually surprise you how much knowledge employees have and how they can excel in the organisation. A good example of this is a dispatch manager at an eCommerce company. They know the ins and outs operationally, if they are progressed to a management role they will be able to share this knowledge with the wider management team and improvements can be made.

How does talent mobility benefit an organisation during a restructure?
Organisations that have adopted talent mobility as part of their company culture will benefit if a restructure or reorganisation is taking place. Existing employees will be more open to accept redeployment opportunities within the organisation. Retaining top talent should be a main a focus for HR teams, by instilling the right company culture your efforts should be rewarded with a committed, loyal and adaptive workforce.

If your company is looking to implement a talent mobility strategy or if you have any questions about how to do this – speak to Career Star Group today.

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