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Travvant Join Career Star Group, the Worlds’ Largest Career Transition Organisation

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  • 28 September 2021

Career Star Group welcome Travvant to their organisation of top outplacement providers.

London, UKSept 28th 2021 – Career Star Group announced today that Travvant have joined their organisation to deliver outplacement services to their customers based in Belgium.

Travvant only have one objective the “personal touch”. The outplacement industry evolved quickly over the pandemic. As the world of work transformed almost overnight, outplacement firms had to adapt to meet new delivery demands. Many outplacement providers developed online programmes quickly and deftly but the personal touch became diminished. Travvant continued to put personal and honest collaboration at the front and foremost in everything they did.

Similarly, Career Star Group were determined to remain personal, developing their global platform to deliver on-demand video coaching to individuals. The only outplacement platform able to provide such a service.

Travvant’s clear determination to always provide a personal service to their customers and individuals going through their outplacement programmes, aligns perfectly with Career Star Group’s vision.

‘‘We welcome Travvant to the Career Star Group family with open arms’’. says Cetti Galante, Chair of the Career Star Group board, ‘‘Their dedication to delivering high quality, innovative solutions is exceptional. They are extremely proactive and bring fantastic ideas and vision to the table.’’

‘‘The world of work is developing quickly and HR teams are under great pressure to make bold decisions effecting their organisation’s future. Career Star Group together with Travvant, can offer HR team’s greater support managing their talent and change projects.’’

“As the largest neutral player in the Belgian market, we were often unable to get to the table with international companies who often had to work through the temping agencies”, says Roeland Van Dessel, Managing Director of Travvant. “Career Star Group asked us after a thorough study of the market and we are delighted to become a member of this international group of neutral leaders in the outplacement and reskilling market.”

About Career Star GroupCareer Star Group is a unique, highly experienced and specialised global organization, established in 2012 due to a lack of quality global career transition providers in the market that put individualism and results first. Career Star Group is a non-profit collaboration of driven organisations allowing quality and passion to reign over profit. CSG are determined to provide innovative, tailored and empowering services above and beyond standard offerings in the market. Combining their award winning virtual platform with extensive experience to provide exceptional HR solutions. Find out more at

About Travvant

In everything we do – whether it’s outplacement, career guidance, guidance from work to work, inplacement or HR advice – a personal and honest collaboration always comes first. In case of job questions, career questions or dismissal, Travvant provides tailor-made guidance. We combine the strengths of an entire team to support our clients. The Travvant team consists of coaches, job hunters and trainers who work closely together to provide the right solutions.

For Career Star Group media enquiries please contact Katie Goring


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