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A smart technology that fuels redeployment and future proofs your talent mobility strategy

  • Blog
  • 1 October 2021

A technology that helps with redeployment? Career Star Group has recently formed a new strategic partnership with Fuel50 to help its clients bridge skills gaps, support internal talent agility, workforce mobility, and ensure their existing employees can match to future roles and shape their internal career path without leaving the company. With 40% of employees looking to change careers over the next 12 months, the technology comes at a time where HR directors are struggling to fill vacancies due to the skill gap shortage. The talent marketplace solution will enable employees to take charge of their future inside their company, provide visibility to internal opportunities and will in the long run retain key talent.

Using the latest AI technology, it smart-matches members of staff to personalised internal career journeys, vacancies, learning, mentors, gigs, and projects (based on their unique career DNA) whilst surfacing powerful workforce data to support HR with their strategic business decisions and people initiatives. Fuel50’s award-winning platform encourages continuous career growth and delivers proven impact to talent retention and workforce mobility at scale in over 60+ globally leading brands.

Key benefits to organisations include:

  • reduced recruitment costs
  • lower employee churn
  • higher employee engagement
  • an improved ability to fill key roles quickly

Career Star Group together with Fuel50 will enable HR directors to future proof their workforce talent strategy.
If you are looking to future proof your talent mobility strategy by using the latest technology get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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