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Upskilling and Reskilling for Growth and Retention

  • Blog
  • 1 October 2021

Companies are going through turbulent times at the moment; dealing with the aftermath of a global pandemic, staff shortages and job openings that are hard to fill as employees are staying put until things are back to ‘normal’. Jobs are displaced and at the same time new roles are created through the advancement of technology and digital transformation. Planning the future workforce has never been as challenging as it is today, but it is not all doom and gloom as upskilling and reskilling can help to keep you competitive.

What’s the difference between upskilling and reskilling?
Upskilling is the process of learning new skills – an employee will receive training in order to learn more advanced skills that could be useful in their role.

Reskilling is the process of learning a new skill set in order to do an entirely new role within the organisation. Reskilling is mostly used when a company changes direction and current skills are no longer required. Instead of making an employee redundant, a reskilling programme can be offered. The benefit of reskilling employees is that they have the know how of your organisation and it avoids hiring new staff.

Often when we think about a skills gap we associate this with employees that have not grown up in a digital era and are not up to speed with the latest technology. This is however a misconception, to make the world a fairer and more equal place, upskilling is essential across the board.

To future proof your organisation and to close the skills gap – your company should ask the following questions:

  • Do you know what skills are currently missing in your organisation?
  • For the business to grow what skills are most necessary?
  • How can you combine employee experience and upskilling programmes and how will this help you grow?

If it is not possible to reskill your workforce for internal redeployment, offering reskilling training via an outplacement programme will help your displaced employees land their next job and better prepare them for their next career step. Reskilling is vital for the future of an organisation, and the future of many individuals’ careers.

Career Star Group delivers a range of employee programmes that can help your organisation to close the skill gap, helping you to grow long term. Get in touch today.

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