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Growth Through Talent Mobility

  • Blog
  • 26 October 2021

Over recent years, HR Directors have been hearing the buzzword ‘talent mobility’ but what is it? And, can talent mobility deliver growth for your organisation?

Firstly, what is talent mobility?
Talent mobility is the identification of your current employees’ skills, experience, and career progression goals and then the movement of talent within the organisation. This strategy will help to move staff members in new roles within the organisation.

Why is talent mobility valuable?
Talent mobility as a strategy has proven to be effective – employees are more likely stay with an organisation that recognises internal talent, skills, and progression aims. A good talent mobility programme offers learning and development opportunities to help to get employees from A to B.

How do you implement it?
For the programme to be successful, it is vital that the programme is supported from board level to the work floor and employees have a clear talent mobility programme created for them.

How can it help your organisation grow?

Reduction in turnover costs
Every HR Director will agree on this, the hiring of new talent is costly and induction/ training of new employees can be a long process in comparison to offering internal staff new opportunities.

Higher employee engagement
Employees that are offered training and progression are more motivated and productive than employees not looked after and not offered these opportunities. A recent statistic has highlighted that 1 in 4 are looking to leave their role after the pandemic has ended.

If you are looking for a partner to help you implement a talent mobility strategy, talk to Career Star Group today.

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