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What is career transition? and how does it work?

  • Blog
  • 4 November 2021

Career transition, also known as career change, is the process of finding and moving into a new career and following the necessary steps for a successful change over.

When is career transition offered?
Career transition is often offered as part of an outplacement process and will assist employees find their next career.

Who is career transition suitable for?
Career transition is suitable for anyone who is looking to change careers this may be after a company restructure or voluntarily. Employees often struggle to find their next occupational move and a career coach will be able to identify skills that are transferable and highlight others that may not be recognised by the worker as a skill set.

What is the process of career transition for employees?
A career coach will guide employees through the career transition process. As part of the process, a career coach will find out about an individual’s aspirations and often involve technology to assess skills and create a roadmap that will identify key steps to help achieve goals.

As part of career transition, is CV writing skills offered?
Yes, career transition will help from start to finish and creating a CV that stands out in the crowd is vital.

Is career transition beneficial?
Career transition is particularly beneficial to those who have been employed for a long duration and are not up to date with the current job market. A career coach will guide those employees to identify opportunities in the current market.

Can career transition be used for internal placement?
Yes, during a restructure it is beneficial for employees to receive guidance and advice to find their next role internally. Even if a restructure isn’t taking place, career transition can also help employees in their career progression, retaining the workforce for a longer period of time without them exploring other opportunities.

If you are looking for career transition services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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