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HR Trends that will shape 2022

  • Blog
  • 9 November 2021

With 2021 almost at an end, we have asked our global members what they are expecting for 2022.  Which HR Trends should we look out for? And what will happen to the workforce in 2022? After a turbulent year for HR departments, we are bringing you the biggest trends for 2022.

  1. Upskilling
    As a result of the pandemic, many organisations faced labour shortages and are still struggling to recruit to keep up with increased demand, many organisation are investing time and money in upskilling their employees and ensuring that their work force is future proofed. Technology will play key part in this and will help to identify which skill sets are missing but also what career aspirations individuals may have.

  3. A flexible workplace
    The workplace has changed over the last few years – employees are no longer commuting and doing 9-5. Organisations that are flexible and offer working hours to suit individual employees will thrive over the next few years and will find it much easier to attract new talent. In some territories a 4 day week is being trialled with higher productivity as key result. Would you implement this as a strategy?

  5. Adopting to a multi-generational workforce
    The workforce is much more diverse than it was 2 decades ago – successful leaders will need to adapt their management styles for different generations and have an understanding what priorities each of these groups may have. Millennials are more tech and digital savvy and are often looking for a more remote/ flexible approach, whilst baby boomers may require upskilling in a digital area but in conversely have much more experience relating to what works within the organisation.

  7. Budget cuts
    A recent Gartner survey has found that HR departments are facing budget cuts on recruitment drive – HR departments will need to look at innovative ways and the use of technology to maximise their budget.

  9. Employee Perks
    Long gone are the days that members of staff saw free Pizza on Fridays as a perk. With employees working from home and being less visible perks have changed as well. Members of staff now value: mental well-being days, flexible working and a contribution towards their home office equipment. And last but not least – recognition in the work undertaken.

Have we missed any trends? Let us know what your expectations are for 2022!



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