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The great resignation storm is coming….

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  • 9 December 2021

With jobs openings at an all-time high, many employees who have stayed put during the pandemic are now considering moving on or even having a change of career in 2022. The Great Resignation Storm is a real worry for many HR Directors, so how can HR directors prevent employees from resigning?

If the organisation is experiencing a large turnover of staff, raise the question of why are employees leaving? Are there sufficient training and development opportunities on offer? Most members of staff are looking to grow within an organisation and training, coaching and development are a key part of enticing employees to stay, as a career path is offered.

Besides requiring career prospects, salary expectations have changed over the pandemic and employees are not only looking for a rewarding job but also a salary that is in line with industry standards. With the cost of living drastically rising over the last 12 months, companies need to be more mindful than ever of take-home pay.

Company culture
The pandemic has spearheaded an ever-changing work culture and it would be interesting to see how companies are adapting to a post Covid workforce? Working from home is here to stay and a work life balance is a key aspect for employees. Besides being offered flexi working, employees want to be part of the wider company strategy and feel valued, listened to and appreciated for the work done.

2022 is destined to be a challenging year for HR directors but by implementing an employee retention strategy this can be avoided. For more information about Career Star Group, get in touch today.

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