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HR planning tips for 2022

  • Blog
  • 6 January 2022

January has arrived, Christmas is well and truly over and most of us have gone back to work. For HR Directors it is the time to start planning for 2022…

Analyse company goals and objectives
In order to stay operational it is the most basic HR requirement to ensure adequate staffing. However, HR departments must understand the company’s objectives – whether this is growth over the next year or a change of direction, as this will help with future workforce planning and ensuring that the right people with the right skills are hired.

Assess and review internal talent
With job vacancies at an all time high, there is an opportunity to review your current employees and what skills they may have, or are willing to learn, this can be achieved with one-to-one questionnaires conducted by line managers. This information will not only help you to plan for the year ahead but may also avoid the need for recruiting new staff.

Another option is to implement an internal talent management system, one that constantly reviews talent, highlights internal opportunities and options for staff to review, renew and reskill to ensure they are aligned with the company goals. Our platform provided by Fuel50, engages talent like no other highlighting skills that are in-demand now and the future and maps out company needs enabling staff to remain employable over longer periods.

Read more on how to recognise talent within your organisation here

Forecasting staff requirements
If you opt for line manager reviews, once you have assessed internal talent, you should put a 12-month forecast strategy in place – there may be peaks; where more staff are required or an opportunity to increase productivity overall through providing employees with skills and training.  2022 could however prove to be a challenge for maintaining an accurate forecast, there are many variables from staff shortages to stock issues. It is therefore worth reviewing your forecast monthly.

Training programmes & benefits
As many HR teams across the globe are aware, there is currently a shortage of staff. Offering current members of staff the right training and benefits will ensure that they stay for a longer period of time. Now, more than ever, HR departments should have 12-month training strategies in place that focus on upskilling.

Whilst 2022 is suspected to be yet another challenging year, setting out your HR strategy for the year ahead now will help you to plan for your workforce requirement in advance.

For more information about Career Star Group and our services visit our website here. 

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