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The Challenges of Executive Career Transition

  • Blog
  • 13 January 2022

Some might assume that the more experienced one is in their role and in the workplace, the easier it will be for them to find their next role. However, when senior executives faced with redundancy, can find it as, and sometimes more, difficult than those who are newer to the world of work.

C-Suite executives must be supported well as they face a number of hurdles when looking for their next move. They need motivation and encouragement.

What Career Transition Challenges do C-Suite Executives Face?

Many executive level individuals may have held their role for a long period, meaning they have not interviewed, created a CV, or networked to find a new role for a long time. Being digitally out of touch is a massive set back in the current job market. Their skill set can be very organisational specific, and many find it difficult to measure their successes.

All of these are relatively easy problems to solve if their employer has offered outplacement; however, the hurdles can run deeper than this. With a C-suite level job, as mentioned above, a certain level of assumption is made regarding their abilities, hard and soft skills. If executives do struggle to secure interviews and create the vital connections they need for a successful next move, the harder their job hunt is.

Going through the process of redundancy comes with a high level of stress and uncertainty. The psychological impact of redundancy cannot be overlooked, and employees of all levels should be supported through this ambiguous period in their lives.

Supporting Your Executives

We place a lot of priority on the emotional support employees need, as well as the more practical and functional aspects of career transition support.

We have found that executives across the globe are facing similar issues and assess their abilities to network effectively to provide solid career leads on a comparable level.

Networking for Executives

Our Global Executive Community is a network of global C-Suite executives who support each other through their career transition, sharing their experiences, contacts and knowledge with other executive level coaches. Via this network, we have uncovered a number of key areas in which executives are struggling and with the help of an executive coach, give our executives the ability to improve in these areas. Having a network of peers to safely and privately discuss issues directly results in a more positive outlook on their future and future prospects.

Outplacement services are now widely available to all levels within an organisation, which is now best practice. However, different levels, just like different ages and generations, require different approaches.


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