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Supporting your employees in a hybrid workplace

  • Blog
  • 9 March 2022

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, HR Managers, Directors and Line-Managers had to take a different approach with employees working from home. New technology was quickly adopted and regular check-ins were available to support employees. As the world around us has changed, how can organisations continue to support their employees in a hybrid workplace?

HR departments and leaders should be proactive in supporting their employees with health and wellbeing in varied working environments. How can this be achieved?

Recognise the signs
With employees working remotely, it could be tricky to recognise if an employee is not coping very well and struggling with their mental health. Leaders should be proactive in spotting the signs which may include behavioural and mood changes, withdrawal, stress and lack of motivation.

Trust is a key element in a hybrid workplace. After all, managers may not have full visibility of what employees are doing whilst working from home. Displaying a belief that tasks will be completed correctly and in a timely manner, without employees being micromanaged, will help to create a healthy working environment.

Support your employees
Whether your employees are working from home or not – ensure that you are there for them and are understanding of any challenges they may face in their personal circumstances. Leaders that show empathy and consideration will achieve better results than those who don’t. Excellent managers will show that they are compassionate and struggle at times too.

Work life-balance
In modern times, the work-life balance can be a bit blurred. With many modes of communication such as WhatsApp and email, encourage your employees to pack up their laptop, turn off their mobile phones and enjoy family time and time to really relax and switch off from work. Managers should encourage this and be cautious about contacting employees of outside of working hours.

Encourage open communications
Great managers will encourage open lines of communication and regular check-ins with their members of staff. Highlight achievements, praise employees for their hard work and create an environment where people feel that they can speak up if they are unsure about something.
Trust is a key element in a hybrid workplace

If the above are implemented correctly, organisations can reap the benefits of creating an inclusive workplace where employees will stay and flourish and new talent can be attracted. If you are an organisation struggling to implement the above recommendations, Career Star Group can assist. Contact us today for more information.

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