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How career development can help you retain employees

  • Blog
  • 23 March 2022

With a competitive labour market, employees have the upper hand and are actively looking to move roles to increase their salaries and career progression. With hiring managers struggling to recruit there is an opportunity to offer career development to your existing employees this will give them the progression and development, so many seek.

Training and development opportunities
Most employees are eager to learn new skills and want to evolve during their career path, offering continuous training and development programmes may be expensive but will pay off in the long run as these skills be used in day-to-day operations. It will also enable members of staff to advance their careers.

Create development plans for individual employees
Employees benefit hugely from knowing what their future career plan looks, it gives them core objectives and something to work towards. For Line Managers and HR Managers it is important to set clear development plans with training opportunities, objectives and goals. This will not only help productivity but also improve staff engagement and feeling valued at the workplace.

Personable skills shouldn’t be underestimated
Often Line Managers and HR Directors overlook the value of investing in personable soft skills as it is harder to put value on this. Skilling up your members of staff will help them with networking, negotiating sales and improving internal communications.

Remove barriers
If you are looking to really develop the overall skill set, barriers need to be removed within the organisation and avoid hindrances. If there are team members who lack specific skills, it is prudent to ensure that the everyone has the same level of ability.

Development is a great way of investing in your team and ensuring that they are in for the long run.  If your organisation could benefit from coaching, get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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