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The Past 10 Years With Career Star Group

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  • 14 April 2022

A reflection

10 years ago, Career Star Group was born. Over this time, we have grown, developed, and created an incredible organization we are truly proud of. Our membership continues to thrive and our determination to democratize outplacement as an accessible service for all individuals, no matter where they are based, or how far into their career they are, has been extremely successful.

Over the past ten years we have assisted over 1000 companies with their international career transition requirements and last year alone, we supported over 80,000 individuals move from one opportunity to another.

The world of work and the role of HR have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. HR now utilize technology to operate at a highly effective level, which has resulted in the role of HR moving away from personnel, to a far more strategic and value driven department than ever before. Their focus and goals have now shifted, concentrating on creating an employee first culture by providing growth and opportunities; building and retaining a strong company brand and reputation and managing remote and hybrid workforces. Leadership styles have evolved, efforts behind retaining and attracting top talent have evolved. The workplace now consists of individualized, multi-generational and multi-cultural employees.

Career Star Group has also changed over the past 10 years. Going from a 17-country footprint at launch in 2012, to 102 countries! We too utilize technology to provide highly effective and inclusive services, which has allowed us to put more focus on our coaching delivery, as human touch continues to remain incredibly important to our customers and us. Although our main focus has and always will be outplacement, we also now offer organizations services around internal mobility, skills mapping and workplace strategy and planning, redeployment and alternative solutions to layoffs and redundancies. We strive to remain ahead of the trends affecting organizations and HR, and reflect this in our ability to adapt our services to suit unique requirements across the globe.

Behind successful organizations, lies a well-oiled and constantly evolving HR department, and behind that HR department is Career Star Group providing strength in times of uncertainty. We thank all of our loyal customers and wish the best for every individual we have helped over the years through their career transition. And, we especially thank everyone who is part of the Career Star Group family. We are Caring. We are Personal. We are Adaptable. We are Collaborative. Let’s see what the next 10 years hold!

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