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Leadership in the workplace

  • Blog
  • 19 May 2022

We often talk about how to motivate employees and ensure they are happy, motivated, and stimulated in their work; however, this can only be achieved through good leadership. How do you become a good leader? Those new to the role may feel overly pressured by the challenges that leadership can create so we are bringing you tips on how to succeed as a leader.

What makes a good leader?
Leadership isn’t set in stone – as a leader you will experience different goals, challenges, and ideals and this also depends on the organisation that you are working for. You should tailor your management style to build and guide a successful team, as well as your own personal style.

There are however principles that can be applied to your leadership style:

As a leader, it is important to communicate clearly with your team but also to be tactful and mindful whenever necessary. You may receive negative feedback from clients or other management team members which will need to be communicated to your team – it is important to do so in a constructive manner that looks at solutions and doesn’t demotivate the team.

Know your team
Invest time in getting to know your team, find out what drives them, their strengths, and weaknesses as this will help you to tailor your management approach to individuals and maximise the overall team performance.

Celebrate achievements
Good leaders will acknowledge and celebrate the success of individuals or the overall team. It will improve team morale and performance. You can celebrate success by rewards but also by mentioning achievements companywide in an internal newsletter or intranet.

Offer training
As a leader it is important that you are continuously developing your team, and this can be achieved by offering training and coaching. This will not only help you be a good leader but will also help with staff retention.

Career Star Group offers coaching in the workplace, for more information get in touch with us today.

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