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The best outplacement companies

  • Blog
  • 28 May 2022

As an HR Director, you want to do right for both employees and the organisation. When restructuring, adequate support is needed for the workforce and only the best outplacement companies will be able to offer an exceptional service from start to finish. How do you choose an outplacement company?

The outplacement company should be a match with your organisation
When choosing an outplacement provider, you should consider if they can deliver and are able to adapt and tailor to meet your specific requirements. An outplacement provider will carry out an initial assessment to go through your particular needs and will create an action plan.

A good outplacement company will help your ex-employees to get back into job market
An outplacement organisation is with you from start to finish and will support your employees throughout the whole process; from initial conversations on future careers to practical advice on CV writing to help prepare for their next role.

Quality over cost
Outplacement services can be expensive, but it is all about quality and receiving an excellent service throughout. If outplacement services are not carried out correctly, the company may run the risk of reputational damage which could cost a lot more in the long run.

Technology is vital
An effective outplacement provider will offer technology as part of their service offering. Technology can be used to identify potential career opportunities that employees may not have considered, and it will also offer a suite of handy tools such as interview techniques, CV writing, processes and much more.

Don’t forget about the remaining employees
A good outplacement provider doesn’t just offer guidance to those being made redundant – it also offers support to remaining employees, as they may feel upset and confused about the restructure and losing their co-workers.

Whoever you select, make sure to choose the best outplacement company for your organisation and one that will be able to properly support you through a difficult and turbulent time.

Here at Career Star Group, we offer outplacement services in 102 countries supporting your multiple offices whenever they are. For more information on our local delivery teams, visit:

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