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The future of the hybrid workplace 2022

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  • 24 June 2022

In a post-Covid world, the workforce is once again making a return to the office. More employees are seeking to work from home to save on the rising cost of fuel and work related personal expenses in the face of staggering inflation. Many are choosing employers offering the opportunity work in a hybrid way or even fully remotely. So, what policies should your organisation implement? What will be the future of hybrid working? 

What are the advantages for organisations to adopt the hybrid model?
There are many advantages of implementing a hybrid model, organisations can reduce on office space and save money on leases, energy bills and everyday operating costs. By offering hybrid working you can improve your employees’ health and well-being as they are no longer required to complete a commute or long drive to the office each day, enabling them to spend more time with their loved ones.

But what about productivity?
Several research studies have brought to light that productivity increases, a recent survey by CIPD highlighted that when asked in December 2020, a third (33%) of employers said homeworking had increased their organisation’s productivity or efficiency. However, when asked about increased home/hybrid working in October/November 2021, over two-fifths (41%) said these new ways of working had increased this. You can read the full research here.

And those team huddles?
Who has said that team huddles can’t take place on Teams or Zooms? Ordering in those Friday treats to be delivered to your employees’ homes still encourages collaboration and shows appreciation.  

How do employees feel about hybrid working?
Whilst some prefer to go to the office, the majority of workers favour hybrid working and see this as a vital component of their contract. Organisations that don’t offer this flexibility may be struggling to acquire new talent. Whether you like it or not, the hybrid workplace is here to stay and organisations who take a proactive approach will be more successful than those who resist the change. 

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