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The increasing importance of a HR department

  • Blog
  • 11 July 2022

Whilst we know the importance of a well-functioning HR department, not everyone sees the value of it. How can HR departments increase their presence, improve their visibility, and highlight their impact?

Influence colleagues, decision makers and other stakeholders
Without realising it, you are influencing stakeholders daily, just by having conversations. When you are aiming to influence within your organisation, be sure to remain level and explain key benefits of how this software, employee retention programme or work coach can help the overall organisation. This may be a long-winded process; the art of influencing is a slow but worthy one.

Actively engage, develop, and build on ideas
As an HR team, it is vital to get in front of different departments to find out what’s important to them but also to cooperate in developing ideas that can improve overall team performance. It will not only engage the wider team, but also show presence.

Be clear and prepared
As an HR Director, you will be asked difficult questions in board meetings and you must be able to convey stats, salary bills and headcounts without feeling uncomfortable. Be clear and precise in your answers and ensure you have evidence and facts as back-up for any tough questions which may arise. It is also vitally important to share the direction of the department.

Be positive and enthusiastic
Within an HR department is it is important to be upbeat and driven about the future to influence other departments. This could be tricky when trying to influence decisions such as a restructure or an outplacement programme however highlighting pros and cons and being transparent will show integrity and good leadership.

HR departments will always play a pivotal role in organisations and influencing stakeholders will help to highlight value of the department.

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