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What is offboarding? And should this be part of your strategy?

  • Blog
  • 13 September 2022

We often talk about onboarding but what about offboarding? Firstly what is it, and how does it work? Offboarding is the opposite of onboarding and is the process of support when an employee resigns. An offboarding strategy is often overlooked by HR departments, however it should be part of your overall employee care strategy, as it not only helps employees leave on positive terms, but also paves the way should they look to return to your organisation in the future and seek other opportunities.

What should be part of your offboarding strategy?

Start hiring straight away
In the current climate, companies are struggling to attract talent, so don’t waste your time and start advertising the vacancy straight away in order to avoid a gap within your organisation.

Exit interview
Don’t wait until the very last day to conduct an exit interview. Plan in good time whilst your employee is still working at your organisation, the process may help you gain valuable insight into the reasons for their resignation and avoid any issues once they’ve gone. These interviews should be recorded and evaluated for future reference.

Always aim to keep the interview positive where and take feedback on board as well as thanking the employee for their work.

Speak to line managers
The feedback from the exit survey should be shared with their managers – these learnings can help to prevent future staff from leaving and address any issues or identify where more training or support should be put in place.

Last day
On the last day make sure to thank the leaving employee and wish them all the best for the future, we want to create a positive impression of the company and ensure a smooth exit. Any concerns should have been addressed and resolved by this point.

Make your offboarding strategy equally as important as your onboarding strategy. To keep up with the latest trends and insight visit

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