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How can organisations find the right tone of voice to attract talent and retain employees?

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  • 8 December 2022

The tone of voice used in an organisation is vital to empower your employees, attract new talent and retain current members of staff. The right tone of voice should be inclusive, secure trust and reflect the views of your employees, Board and wider society.

What are the benefits implementing a tone of voice within your organisation?

Members of staff feel valued, especially the younger generation – who want to be part of the wider picture and who contribute to shaping the future of the organisation. Creating a tone of voice that speaks to all stakeholders will ensure that nobody is left out.

Senior members of staff should be fully onboard with your strategy as it highlights its importance as part of your company culture. Your employees will feel appreciated and less afraid to share ideas and more likely to confide about any wrongdoing they may encounter. Work cultures that have an excellent and cohesive tone of voice high on their priority list are more likely to retain members of staff.

Celebrate members of staff that are willing to use their tone of voice to improve the organisation as this will encourage others to do so as well.

Don’t shy away from using your tone of voice externally – job seekers, before applying for a new role, will often check out your website or review sites and your social media and this should clearly display your organisations core values and tone of voice.

Now more than ever, employees are expecting their organisation to be part of a wider movement that encourages positive impact and have values that represent wider society. Is tone of voice part of your strategy? Let us know!

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