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People of CSG: Meet Zsuzsa Gárdus, Simon&Mayer

  • Blog
  • 25 April 2018

Meet Zsuzsa, General Manager of CSG partner Simon&Mayer in Hungary!

How I arrived in the world of career coaching is very simple: by chance. However, it was always my dream to have a profession where people are the focus. While being a strong professional, achieving excellent results, and making money are all good things, going home at the end of the day knowing I contributed to others’ job searches and career transitions is something uniquely special. Not to mention how nice it is to see my clients’ great successes after the transition.

Being in right place at the right time led me to my career dreams.

I come from the recruitment business like several of my fellow coaches, which gave me a competitive advantage. I was able to learn quickly and develop my skills and competencies as a career coach having worked on the recruitment end.

After leaving the safe LHH umbrella, I suddeny found myself in much like the same situation as those going through outplacement services. While I did have a job at Simon&Mayer, no one knew what Simon&Mayer was.

So, I needed to create a career plan like jobseekers do. I developed a marketing and communication plan, created brochures, networked with past and new contacts, and kept myself positive, believing that I would achieve success because of my qualifications and experience.

Now, I believe that Simon&Mayer, owing in no small part to the work of my colleagues and me, is on the right track.

What I’m most proud of the last couple of years is that that majority of my clients who were over 50 years old had a 98 percent successful landing rate.

Remaining successful is really challenging after turning fifty. One must learn new technologies, and most of all, learn to work with new generations of younger workers: Millennials and Generation Z in particular.

What I can promise is that I’ll keep trying.

Learn more about Simon&Mayer!

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