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What are the Benefits of Promoting Employee Wellness?

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  • 12 December 2019

Are you suffering from workplace stress?

Can’t get enough sleep? Can’t spend time with your family? You work hard all month and still aren’t able to pay all your bills? Well, then it’s safe to say that the job you are working is eating you inside out. This decade is the decade of employee wellness. This decade is where the corporate world has witnessed countless examples and mountains of evidence that show Employee Wellness is the way to go in the future.


Should an organisation promote employee wellness?

Looking from an employer’s viewpoint, this is the best way to retain qualified employees and boost employee efficiency by scores. One thing is for sure, taking care of your employees is a moral responsibility of a professional organisation; it displays qualities of professionalism, welfarism and that the organisation is not profit-hungry, but it’s progress hungry and wants to dominate the industry by achieving milestones of productivity and innovation.


Nevertheless, there still are some skeptics of employee welfare.

One simple example of how treating workers well boosts productivity and growth are enough to rally them in the Employ Welfare camp. One great example is when recently, Microsoft, a global tech giant, introduced a 4-day working week. Visibly it was clear that one less working day in a week means less work done, but the stats flaunted an incredible jump of 40% in productivity. This clarifies that reduced workload stress leads to happier and more productive employees. Furthermore, in some places, if an employee gets sick or suffers from psychological disorders due to the intense work and hectic routine laden on them by their employer, the employee’s time off work due to stress or illness increase and productivity decreases. It is better to take care of your workforce in the first place, which increases output and profit in the long term.


According to some corporate giants of the modern world, employee morale is all that matters in the workplace. High employee morale leads to countless advantages. One, higher output. Next is no or very rare strikes; an employer’s biggest fear is an employee strike when they have to agree with the demands of the workers. Employee welfare inculcates a sense of reciprocation when it comes to caring about the employer itself. A company that treats its employees with care is sure to be taken care of when the time comes. Because what goes around, comes around.

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