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What is Career Transition?

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  • 3 August 2021

What is Career Transition?
Career transition is the process of changing jobs or career direction. The term career transition also includes overcoming psychological barriers and tackling any difficult routes you may encounter to complete your next career move.

Skills gained in the workplace are often transferable, but employees may not recognise them. Installing a Career Coach to support your personnel throughout their career transition may identify these talents through their career transition.

Throughout the remainder of 2021, the level of redundancies is expected to continue to rise. The pandemic has spearheaded the way organisations operate and reinforced the vital role that technology has played in this. Whilst some employees may not be tech and digital savvy, there may be skills that they can transfer to a new role, either internally or externally.

The career transition process for employees:

Skills Assessment
The first step of career transition is a skills assessment (this is often part of an outplacement programme) where a Career Coach will assess an individuals’  values, interests, skills (abilities, talents, knowledge) and personal style.

Exploring Opportunities
When members of staff are used to working for an organisation for a long duration, they may not be up to date with the current job market and how this has changed over time. A Career Coach will guide your employees to potential career choices taking their skills and abilities in consideration.

CV Writing Skills
Now it is time to dust off that CV and be sure to highlight skills and abilities tailored to the new role. This would often form part of the outplacement process. A career coach will help to update your CV and ensure you have the correct information needed to land a new role. Updating a CV with a coach can often help to instil confidence in an individual transitioning in their career as measurable achievements are unveiled better preparing them for interviews and understanding what type of move they want next.

A good outplacement programme will help prepare your employees for a successful career transition.

For more information get in touch with Career Star Group in your local territory.

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