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Redundancy Support Services for Employees

  • Blog
  • 10 August 2021

Redundancy support is necessary and expected. Although inevitable in all progressive organisations, redundancies are difficult to handle from an HR and employee perspective. Tough conversations and negative emotions are expected, however, there are ways in which HR can support affected employees and to help transform a negative situation into a positive one.

Who needs support?

  • Exiting employees
  • Employees remaining in the organisation
  • Leadership involved with the consultation process
  • HR

What redundancy support for employees is available?

There are many ways in which to offer redundancy support to the various groups affected. Depending on the country you are based in, there will be various legal requirements as to the length of notice to give, number of meetings, redeployment options, financial compensation and outplacement requirements. In addition to this, offering counselling or career coaching to help ease the emotional stress and to help planning for the future is important. Career coaching is one of the most vital parts of outplacement (redundancy support usually provided by a specialist career transition organisation). Coaching not only supports an exiting employee psychologically, but also highlight skills and achievements preparing them for their job search and interviews. It also unveils hidden talents, goals and aspirations and helps to weave a path to make moves that might not have been considered previously.

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Redundancy support for employees leaving the organisation is essential, however employees remaining within the organisation also require support. Being a part of workforce transformation and change decreases confidence and increases worry about the future of their place in the organisation. HR must work with leadership and management to instil confidence in the work place and communicate clearly with the remaining employees.

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If you are looking for outplacement solutions for your organisation, get in touch with one of our partners in your local territory.


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