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Redeployment in the retail industry

  • Blog
  • 4 February 2022

With many retail outlets closing their doors as they move to online operations only or close altogether, many employees are being laid-off in organisational reshuffles. As part of the exit strategy, HR departments have a challenge ahead to redeploy employees elsewhere.

Understanding the skill set
As part of the outplacement process, it is vital to truly understand what skills employees have and their ambitions for the next stage of their career.
For those with a well-developed retail skill set there are still plenty of opportunities available, and whilst employees may have been customer facing previously, if the retailer moves to online only there may well be customer advisor roles available within other parts of the organisation. And whilst the retail industry looks gloomy, some retail outlets are seeing a positive increase in demand such as DIY stores and supermarkets and industries such as car dealerships are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Many of the skills gained within the retail industry are transferrable to other industries. An outplacement coach should be able to work with the employees to identify and maximise these skills and help find suitable roles even outside the retail industry.  Advice can even be around confidence building and helping an employee see their abilities beyond their current role. CV writing and interview skills should also be part of the plan.

The moving from one role to another will give retailers the opportunity to keep members of staff that have experience and knowledge of the business. Sales advisors that have worked on the shop floor often understand customers needs better than employees based in the head office and for an organisation this is priceless information to help with future growth.

If you are looking for a redeployment strategy for your organisation, get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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