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Top 5 HR Trends for 2023

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  • 13 March 2023

Last year we discovered the top topics HR would focus on were upskilling, flexibility, adopting a multi-generational workplace, budget cuts and employee benefits (read full article here).

This year, we predict that flexibility in work will again be a hot topic with another tweak of working habits as people become irritated with working from home, and in much need of human interaction. Connected to this in employee well-being and mental health support. This is on a rise and must be prioritised.
Talent retention, the rise in technology and utilising human skills also make our list.

1. Flexibility in the workplace
Last year we predicted flexible organisations offering working hours to suit individual employees would thrive and would find it much easier to attract new talent. This is true in 2023, however hybrid working has become more important as burn out, quiet quitting and lower motivation levels creep in.
Read out article on the link between working from home and rising mental health issue here.

2. Employee wellbeing
2023 is the year to invest in care, put an end to employee burn out and provide your employees with a high level of support in all aspects of their working lives. In the UK, it has been predicted by the Mental Health Foundation that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions. This is due to rise and will lead to an increase in more sickness leave and employees leaving the organisation for ones in which their needs are met.

3. Talent retention
Talent retention has been a hot topic with the great resignation of last year and organisations having to make big changes to their roles, recognition and benefits. We predicted that this would be a major area in which HR would have to make changes and we don’t see this changing any time soon. The ‘great resignation’ may have ended, but more and more people are binding their time until the right opportunity comes along. Employees are seeking out organisations that align with their values, can provide excellent developmental programmes and that will give them the right work/life balance.

4. Technology
Technology has rapidly developed, and continues to do so. More and more we are seeing large layoffs and technological developments that replace roles. This is no different within your HR team. HR teams should be utilising technology more productively and proactively to reduce the admin enabling teams to focus more on the people. Technology will also lead on to our next point…

5. Human skills vs AI
Human skills, such as emotions, teamwork, empathy and caring are skills that are becoming more and more important. As technology increases within the workplace, many roles become redundant. However, that does not mean that humans become redundant. Humans have skills that computers do not and it is here that hiring managers need to look – resilience, the ability to change and adapt and support to other colleagues. Never before have typical hard skills been less relevant to the ever changing world of work and HR teams need o devise ways in which to seek out these skills, develop these skills and embrace these skills into the work place.

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